How to Plan a Trip to a Foreign Land

It’s one thing to travel somewhere you know.  But what do you do when you are going somewhere that you know absolutely nothing about? People may have different answers for you here.  In Camp A, you’ll have the people who will tell you to just be spontaneous.  You can’t research your way through a country, you’ve…

Ten Top Tips for Top New Bloggers

As a new blogger, you’re constantly on Google looking for how to do this, what site to use for that, how to get followers, how to blog.  Well, I can’t solve all those problems for you.  But I can solve a few.  Here are my top ten tips for top new bloggers. Use WordPress.ORG.  Not .COM….

Attention Bloggers: Seeking Submissions for Destination Guides

Big announcement.  I have a new travel site launching sometime this fall (exact date TBD).  The site will include, among other things, destination guides for as many destinations around the world as possible, domestic and international. I am looking for contributors to write destination guides for almost any destination around the world.  Interested?  Keep reading….

The Essential Packing List for Your Euro-Trip

If you’re heading out to Europe soon, chances are you’re in a bit of a tizzy trying to figure out what to pack and how to fit it all.  I’m here to tell you that it can be done, even if you are the worst overpacker.  Because you are not the worst overpacker.  I am the worst…

Airbnb Bali Villas of the Week

As always, here are your Airbnb Bali Villas of the week, featuring just a few of the ridiculous villas you can find on Airbnb. VILLA MAZ CANGGU 300 M FROM BEACH Badung, Bali, Indonesia stunning mix modern and colonial villa,located 200 m from the canggu club that villa has been designed by a world renown…

City Review: Lovely Ljubljana

I was supposed to leave Croatia on a Wednesday and go back home.  That was already one day later than my sister stayed.  But…I just couldn’t leave!  So, instead, I booked a three day extension in Slovenia!  It cost some money, planning at the last second like that, but I don’t regret it–Slovenia was great,…

7 Reasons You Should Travel in the Good Old US of A

Most travel bloggers, myself included, tend to focus on international travel. It’s sexier and more exotic and more exciting. But I often forget that there’s some pretty amazing stuff right here at home. I mean, I’m from Michigan. And I live in Chicago. Those are awesome places. Let’s see. America has such a diverse array of…

35 Essential Apps that Every Traveler/Human Needs for Their Next Trip

In the age of the smartphone, there are approximately one trillion apps that you can download for your trip.  Which ones do you really need?  Here we go. (Note: This article focuses on iPhone apps, but in most instances similar apps are available for Android). General: Accuweather.  For a weather app.  It gives many options…

The Perfect Two Week Croatia Itinerary

After having spent 2, pretty perfect, weeks in Croatia, I’m ready to present you with the perfect two week itinerary, with an optional add on! Here we go.

Modify Your Travel Bucket List. But Don’t Abandon It.

Last night I got some bad news which means that some big travel plans I had are not going to happen the way I hoped they were. I went to bed pretty (read: very) upset about it. But after having slept on it, I woke up and said to myself “Ok, so Plan A isn’t going to happen. What’s Plan B? How can we modify?”